Welcome to the Refinery

The purpose of the Student Ministry here at Sandia is to Bring God to Students and Students to God. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is to be able to go to Him at any time and be in His presence through a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.

There is much work to do in this area of the southwest to win students for Christ. The student ministry has prayerfully accepted this challenge. My philosophy of ministry is to enable students to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

With the intensity of school, accompanied by the demands of everyday life, our programming has taken on a very purpose-driven goal - every event planned follows our overall purpose as a church. In all the programming, fellowships, trips, and Bible studies, I hope to never lose sight of this goal.

Together We Serve,
Andy Donalson, Minister to Families
(505) 292-2713


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